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lot of vitamin a which the body needs kneel -- needs but too much thickens your blood and a hospital official says it could be the first ever case of a brussel sprout o.d. you don't like brussel sprouts? >>jonathan: love them. roasted. greg degree the only thing worse is par snips. >>jonathan: love those, too. >>gregg: see you later. calf 6:00 -- neil cavuto is next. >>neil: stocks selling off while these guys are goofing off? welcome, everyone i am neil cavuto and stocks tanking
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because a fiscal deal ain't happening. maybe because these guys are ignoreing my tip one, congress needs to stop going on vacation. what are they doing and they are going on vacation. many bolting just as house speaker boehner's plan "b" was collapsing last night and while there is a skeletal crew at capitol there does not seem to be much worse getting done in the capitol today. maybe it is time, time for the super hero to get involveed. ladies, the to scale. yes, citizens, we have a last shot to save the country and if i am not busy enough, there are three full days congress could be working, these guys are still doing nothing as the cliff keeps on nearing. and the markets keep on fretting, if my next guests are right, things could get worst. i am talking market watchers
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larry and scott, and our own melissa francis. larry, is getting you a little concerned? >>guest: that is right. with washington, politicians are leaving early and their job is not done this is a concern, a concern because it sends a bad message to the american people and the timing could not be worst. this is just ahead of super saturday, the second biggest shopping day of the year, ahead of time is short as you know, we are close to the end of the year and we are staring at gun of our biggest tax increase in american history and this is dangerous times and they go on vacation? what message is that sending to the american people who work hard, are told when you get ahead in the country you get to work early and stay late and get the job done. they didn't get that memo in washington. >>neil: they did not, and you are more aggressive than my tip number one as a super hero. melissa, coughing this last night, do they realize the
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gravity of this, a vote being canceled, fine. but you have to get back and do smith. >>guest: they could not -- what i win, when they went on vacation, could they stop spending while they are on vacation? why does the register keep ticking along when they not there? each day they take a dollar they spent $2.06. they make $5 billion in a day and they spend $11 billion. why does it keep happening although they are on vacation and they do not buckle down and focus on a conclusion even if they raise taxes we say again and again on people making more than $250,000 that is enough money to run the federal government for eight days. eight days. >>neil: what worries me about the rest of the problem, scott, wall street came off the worst but a lot of your colleagues are convinced they cannot let this go to the brink. what if they do and in the new year we are still facing this
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quandry. at that point do they sell off? or is it more and more inevitable? >>guest: i think it is ahead of it and probably a last next week. the volume in the market will be very slow next week which is a disaster because it is easier to mush the market add when it is on low volume. if you look at it from the richest standpoint and taxation and kicking this down the road or no deal, the destruction that could happen in asset prices alone, john 1 and beyond, that is worse to anyone, worse than that to have a tax hike. that is the concern. what happens to the market and asset price as we progress. >>neil: i will flip it around and i know this sounds counterintuitive but rushing a bad deal is worse than in deal and i go back do the first tarp vote in congress in 2008 when it was rejected and the dow sold off close to 800 points and they hurried to vote on another tarp
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deal that is approved and a few months particular we are down almost 4,000 points, so, we have to be careful about hanging our hats to satisfy what could be a very crazy market, right? >>guest: that is right. the economy is very fragile and we know we are probably 60 to 90 days away from a debt ceiling debate and we could repeat this whole fiscal cliff scenario and what is interesting we know we are on warning for a debt downgrade. we have to be careful of the type of deal we make. the holidays are about optimism and hope but this year the holidays are about anxiety and concern. i'm not sure if even captain neil cavuto can save us at this point. crazy. of course he can. you went off the rails. >>neil: that guarantees you are not coming back. >>neil: i look at this and i wonder, melissa, facing the brink or faced with certain
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financial death they cannot get off their behind. i am looking at big issues they promise to bring forward next year, it will not happen. >>guest: i trust them to do nothing. can you imagine if we ran our households like this, or we went to work like this you leave all of your work undone and you go home for the holiday, sorry, i didn't finish my show or my work but i will head out because it is almost christmas. can you imagine if you spent $2 for every dollar you brought in? it is crazy. crazy. >>neil: only in washington. only in washington. thank you all. melissa will break it down further on weekdays at 5:00 p.m. on fox business network. good stuff. catch it. >> they should pay their fair share of taxes.
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♪ of what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh ♪ >>neil: you are not santa. it is getting ridiculous. santa back on capitol hill delivering a wheel barrow of gold to republicans who refuse to rise taxes and a deal of pelosi aimed at republicans. >> this is like reverse robin hood taking food from the mouths of babies and seniors to give --. >>neil: you cannot get a deal done when you call each other names. the california democratic congresswoman is a member of the budget committee. congresswoman you do not take cheap shots and people could disagree with you but i think that is out of order and to santa thing is pushing it.
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>>guest: well, i think that we are in a bad situation. i listened to your earlier guest and i sendly want to go home for christmas but i was more than willing to stay. the only problem is, we reached that last night and we were kind left puzzled saying, well, we did nut have the vote for that. could we stay around and continue to work in if the leadership gavels down and sends us on recess we are stuck. >>neil: you could be right but i am amazed this is happening but from covering the vote last night on this plan "b" thing and how it fell apart, the view was we are going nowhere fast and we have to chill but to your point there is not a lot of time to chill. >>guest: absolutely. the thing that was surprising to me is that when speaker boehner had his press conference and said he would put plan "b" forward i would have thought he would have counted the votes before he said that.
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the contractor leader said early yesterday afternoon that we had the votes to move forward so i have a lot of empathy for speaker boehner, the way the caucus treated him was absolutely appalling to do that at the last minute like that. >>neil: well it is done and as you say, now it raises the question, though, if it is this difficult to get a tax hike through on millionaires how will they get one through on $400,000 and those who bolted and bolted because it wasn't so much the tax thing but they were not seeing spending cuts offered on your side it poisoned the well. >>guest: let me tell you how it gets done. speaker boehner has to break with the rule that he has to have the majority of republicans on the deal. how many republicans can he bring to the table? that's what has to happen. his caucus should not hold him hostage. he needs to make a major address to the american people and say, it is so important i get this
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deal done i can only bring 80 republicans. >>neil: but that behooves your side to come up with cuts. >>guest: absolutely. absolutely. absolutely. if he were to get beyond that rule i guarantee there would be enough domes that are willing to make cuts. >>neil: i don't know, congresswoman i had a couple of your colleagues here and i begged them to come up with a spending cut and i had a group from the congressional black caucus who say leave entitlements alone and another says leave social security alone, and i can understand that is not part of this, and hear me out. i asked, one thing you would cut they could not come up with him. i am saying you would not entertain republicans who would entertain hiking taxes when they are not getting anything in return for it. >>guest: you asked what i would cut and i think this is plenty to cut in against but i think that there are ways we can have savings and make cuts in
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medicare, as well, that don't containing the guarantee because that is the bottom line. >>neil: you would put medicare open table, you would look at it, and your other colleagues who do not want to address it you say what? >>guest: i believe my colleagues are willing to address it and what --. >>neil: they are not. >>guest: they do not support paul ryan's plan to turn medicare into a voucher system. >>neil: i understand but they have not offered cuts or savings. >>guest: i think plenty of my colleagues have. i am not sure who you have interest offed but in terms of those i interviewed who are willing to make serious cuts. >>neil: you think there are enough of them? really? really? really? >>guest: i do. if you put together republican votes and democratic votes but as long as speaker boehner is hell hostage to the notion that --. >>neil: wait, wait, wait, if
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he is held hostage to the far right of the party, and you could be right, your party is equally calling the shots on the extreme left leaving out spending and entitlements so both sides are to blame. >>guest: i don't think so. i will tell you one thing, i don't believe that the democrats would have ever done to leader pelosi what they did to speaker boehner last night. that was atrocious the way they treated him. i do think if he would break with the one rule --. >>neil: you don't remember blue dog democrats who coughed up the health care plan? >>guest: i do have to tell you it was before my time but what i do know they never did pelosi the way they did speaker boehner last night. that --. >>neil: we can quibble but there is in quibbling you are trying to come up with ideas and i appreciate that. >>guest: democrats are willing to vote for cuts. >>neil: you should talk to your friends because you seem like a night lady but i have not
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heard that. but hope springs eternal and after the season it will be like a miracle on k street. >>guest: we will be back on the 27th. >>neil: thank you very were. have a merry christmas. snow. wind. name. you name it, travelers are getting hit with it and thousands flights are delayed and holiday travelers are big time screwed. r boost. concentrated broth in easy to use packets. mix it into skillet dishes, for an instant dose of... hell-o! [ female announcer ] get recipes at
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>>neil: mother nature is lashing out as members try to get home for christmas with a major winter storm in the midwest and in the northeast but the effects are felt everywhere nationwide. and now to chicago's o'hare airport. >> let me show you the board. two words that every holiday travel wants do read: "on time." it was looking ugly yesterday but the snow never materialized because of warm weather off the lake and it became rain. they got things moving along here at o'hare today and we are talking about 7,300 delays nationwide but here in the second biggest airport in the nation it is moving along. we have crowds but that is because there are 200,000 people coming through the airport the midway airport. 66,000 people moving through. do not look for the ripple effect you get where a delay here in chicago that delays the floats from john f. kennedy to los angeles. go to wisconsin for the bad weather, 20" of snow where
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madison is located. in iowa, snow like they have not seen since 2009, stopping up the roads and knocking power to tens of thousands. central illinois, northwest indiana, all hit with snow. what was worse was gusts up to 50 miles per hour and knocking out all the power. however, if you are going over the river and through the woods it is looking good now. if they are late you cannot blame o'hare airport. >>neil: thank you, michael. is there relief ahead? rick has been the right guy on this stuff. rick: that storm is almost over. we have another one but if you look if a white christmas, look at this map, that is where snow is now. because of this storm the bull's eye was across iowa and wisconsin and michigan where
1:18 pm
some spots saw up to 20" of snow so a big one, and that is good news because they need it. the crops need it, but if you trying to get home this is what is left. a little bit of rain across northern new england. behind it is a lot of colder air and the cold air moves over the great lakes and that turns into snow so we have lake effect snow all weekend. you hit one of the bands it could be deep and you drive another three miles or four miles and you do not have anything. we have storm advisory in appalachians and lake erie. and then to the west, looking good for everyone but northern california and southern oregan, major rain and major snow for the next five days, another maybe 8" to 10" of rain and 4'
1:19 pm
to 8' of snow. the next storm will be on christmas day where we could have snow in oklahoma and arkansas for christmas turning into a white christmas and hopefully everyone will be home by then. >>neil: so the world did not end. so far. the mayans are wrong. but did this guy's career end? if a tax hike on millionaires cannot pass the house, what will happen? a republican congressman is here to talk about that. hi. i'm henry winkler.
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>>neil: we are getting word that the president is going to address the press at 5:00 p.m. at the white house on this
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fiscal cliff and we have a reporter from the "daily caller." what are the options he may or may not have? >>reporter: the options you are down to right now are does speaker boehner after the public humiliating failure where he could not bring along the caucus decide to reject the caucus and try to form a coalition with democrats and some republicans? or as he mentioned, let the democrats get a deal through the senate and then bring it to the house of representatives and he will evaluate it where he steps back from the process. or some say return to negotiations with the president to see if you can come up with a grand bargain. there are a few options but after last night's situation, speaker boehner is having a few long nights of the soul. >>neil: do you get a sense from the white house they are scrambling, this was a problem for speakhner to keep the troops if line but it
1:24 pm
complicates trying to get any revenues on the table when they are so opposed on the right? and that it will be even tougher those earning less? >>guest: the positive picture is it showed that boehner cannot get the caucus to vote if any tax increases so the white house may have to go back and reevaluate what he suggested to begin with which was the mitt romney plan where you reform the tax code, lower rates and eliminate loopholes. i don't think that will happen. the president has staked teach on raising taxes. it is a moral argument for him not a policy argument. it will not raise very much revenue. he is sticking to his guns on that and he feels he was elected on that. it would be hard to become away from raising taxes. >>neil: i am learning how this could change the dynamics in the
1:25 pm
house of representatives and maybe for john boehner. he was ask good he can hang on as speaker. >> last week i asked you if you were concerned about losing your speakership and you said you were not. in light of what happened last night, if you are not concerned, shouldn't you be? >>guest: no, i'm not. i don't think, they were not taking that out on me. they were dealing with the perception that someone could accuse them of raising taxes. merry christmas, everyone. thank you. >>neil: that went well. what did you think? >>guest: he is trying to frame it the best he can and he could have a point. after such a public failure where he promised to get this vote, you have to wonder whether when the house votes on next speaker january 3, whether there will be some type of challenge. it doesn't take much for him to possibly lose the speakership.
1:26 pm
he need as majority of the house of representatives to remain speaker and with j jackson dropping out, there are 434 people in the house and he needs 217 votes so he only has to lose 17 people from the republican caucus assuming zero democrats to not have a majority. but is there an alternative who can get the majority? i am not so sure. >>neil: it doesn't look that good. all right, if you just tuned in we will hear from the president in 35 michigans and he will address the country briefly on the state of this fiscal cliff situation and you could take questions from the press but the republican congressman from florida, allen west, will be leaving the circus soon. will a lame duck session be able to resolve it? >>guest: i don't know because we need to have people to come together on a concepts us and decide they want to have policy
1:27 pm
that will stimulate economic group and get away from the politics and the bad thoughts and bad ideas. i would like to look at the president and ask him, what is your motivation for raising taxes on anyone in the united states of america when you consider we are printing money to the tune of $45 million a month to buy up our debt and our treasury bonds, and we are talking about $85 billion a year of new revenue or police than that, $40 billion a year of new renew if we just raise the top 1 percent, that is a drop in the ocean. we do not have people serious about the fiscal situation and the number wing this to understand is the fiscal responsibility. go back to the sink such -- simpson-bowles plan and put that upfront and make sure we have the 3-1 ratio, and make sure we
1:28 pm
have that. >>neil: you are all throwing up your hands and giving up. you are leaving. you are leaving in the middle of a fire. >>guest: unfortunately, if i was the guy in charge we would be hammering that out. >>neil: you think it is a bad idea to leave town? >>guest: i don't know what else we could do sitting up here unless we had a senate that wants to come together on the right type of policy. that is what we should be working on, the legislative branch if you go through regular order and come up with the right legislationive policies, look, we have had the vote if the house which says we don't want do see taxes raised on anyone, we have had a vote in the house that said we want to keep off sequestration and here is our spending cut plan, and that is on harry reid's desk and he needs to take action, so people need to start looking at everyone that is responsible for this and stop with the firing squad. >>neil: the end result is a
1:29 pm
lot of your colleagues would be open to raising taxes but they did not see quid pro quo, any comparable cuts in spending. if they did, do you think the same who rejected raising taxes, would, this time, except? >>guest: again, i bring up the simple point if we raise taxes on that top 1 percent, on the million tears, -- million millionaires, what does that do when we start the 5th year of these deficits? no one is serious about the real problem which is the spending disease in washington, dc. >>neil: we getting more details that the president is meeting with senate majority leader, harry reid, about this fiscal cliff mess and he will issue a statement at 5:00 p.m.
1:30 pm
that implies no questions. this is something that can certainly postpone his planned trip to hawaii if christmas. but this gets closer to fought only christmas but to a dead line and a cliff that is now looking a lot more real. hurricane sandy may have taken away this family's home but the storm cannot take away their holiday. a group of caring americans was able to save this family's christmas. this holiday, share everything.
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1:34 pm
hurricane sandy hit. she is eight months pregnant. they have a 2-year-old girl. their home flooded and caught fire and then the family was booted from the hotel after fema messed up. doesn't ask. but because of generous americans, christmas has come early for this family. anthony joins me now. we have been trying to get her on phone but she had a doctor's visit. he is very close. how close? >> january 15. are you ready? >>guest: well i was before all this happened. >>neil: how is it looking now? >>guest: it is getting there. a lot of things to make up like work and stuff like that and vehicles. >>neil: everyone pitched in and heard your story and heard your wife's story and they said this cannot be, this young family cannot deal with this. what did they do? >>guest: people donate add lot of stuff, furniture, closes,
1:35 pm
christmas tree and presents. >>neil: and it was decorated and ready to go? >>guest: they set it up and got it done. i got it handed to me. >>neil: do you know what was behind it in the story of your plight became very well then maybe owing to your poor pregnant wife and your young daughter. >>guest: fema, you went to fema and they give you a hotel because i was staying at the house and going through what was left and i knew they were safe at the hotel and fema extended their stay but they got a call from the tlc. >>neil: what is tlc? >>guest: in idea. someone dropped the ball and i was told she had to leave the hotel. fema said there was no problem, they said it was extended, and i said you know that but the hotel
1:36 pm
doesn't, and they said it is not our problem. >>neil: you went back to the hotel and fema said i should be there what happened? >>guest: they said they were not notified it has been authorized by fema as being paid for. >>neil: what did you do? >>guest: well, i asked someone at fema, i need someone's anyway, can i have your business card and they said they don't have a business card. taxicab drivers have business cards. they come down to the cold from warm climate areas to help people. it is really crazy what is going on. >>neil: and you were set up temporarily. what happened? >>guest: then, we were in this apartment right if you temporarily, it is not like --. >>neil: who provided that? >>guest: we contacted people and looked for apartments. >>neil: people said we have to do something, fema is dropping
1:37 pm
the ball. >>guest: there are so many people down there that do not have basic necessities, they took appear the port-a-potties from the donation hut where people get food and clothes and eat. they took the port-a-potty away. >>neil: how do they explain that? >>guest: they don't. they want did remove the whole area john 1. >>neil: they are aware the people are stranded? >>guest: they have in heat, no hot water, if you have electric you do not have a kitchen or a bathroom, and if you do there is mood because the sewage overflowed so it and not just seawater it was all kind of contaminations with health issues and everyone is turning a blind eye to this. they were there to see the houses that collapsed but not talk to the residents. >>neil: when you see these guy s file filing through the tv
1:38 pm
and high fiving each other. >>guest: i don't see it. i could not fill out the paper work because i got burned because of the chemicals in the air. they filled out my paperwork because i could not see because of my eye, and they filled it out and then they said i filled out the paperwork wrong. and they filled it out. >>neil: this is a better way to get the victims the money, rather than going through fema. you thought you were cold? wait until you hear about the big chill that is on everything retail. [ male announcer ] with a select terrain dial that adjusts the jeep grand cherokee's performance
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>>neil: as americans finish
1:42 pm
off their christmas shopping, one man who will not shop, american senate who earlier today arrived at the international space station on a russian re russians we were determined to crush in the space race. so, with that in mine, we will take a look at a time when americans lived, breathed and owned space. >> i can sleep standing up and wake up and feel refreshed. >> my favorite spot to sleep was under the seat. >> we had sleeping bags. you could go in and zip in and keep from floating around while you were sleeping. >> it must have been built for a big guy but i felt like a loose pea in a pod rolling around and i would start to go to sleep and i would have a feeling of falling out of bed and i hardly slept at all. >> the first night my mind was
1:43 pm
racing so i took a pill but from then on i had no trouble sleeping. >> you sleep your muscles are spring loaded so when you sleep your arms come out and you sleep like this. >> i remember starting to doze off and realizeing i could not feel my arms or my legs. they got so relaxes in weightlessness that the sensory perception disappeared. the members were no longer feeling. all you have to do to get your arm back was to start to move. i spent the first half hour of my sleep period turning my legs on-and-off. it was fascinating. >> on the moon we had gravity. then we had hammocks and the first night it was just a few hours after we landed on the moon and i was wide awake and i took a pill but the next two
1:44 pm
periods we were exhausted from all of the work and i slept really good on the moon surface. >>neil: that was a favorite part of the special, a sample of "fly me to the moon," many of you wanted to see that replayed because of last week's tragic developments we delayed that and we will replay it many times but monday at 4:00 p.m. on this very show, a look back, 40 years ago, when we thought nothing was impossible. catch it. >> back on earth mother nature is not only messing with travelers but messing with shoppers and it could put a chill on sales. what is going on here? >> well, people didn't come out the way they were supposed so.
1:45 pm
we started strong on black friday. the final two weeks supposed to be gang busters but, also, people, now, they are so concerned, glued do their tv sets and traumaized with the shooting. now, we are in the home stretch. this should be, tomorrow, super saturday, but, there are a lot of weather concerns. we are going to have an upside, i think there will be a lot of gift cards, a lot of purchases online but the stores, again, are pulling out the stops. walmart, target, staying hope, toys 'r us, 24 hours straight. >>neil: it sounds like they are desperate. >>guest: they were all ipods, ipods, ipods, more electronics, nothing to attract the shoppers, nothing special except the cold weather. >>neil: could some of this,
1:46 pm
maybe, indicating a recession or slow down is on the way? consumers have a psychological way of playing it out. >>guest: they are concerned. we keep watching washington and hear about the fiscal cliff and he make it sound like the end of the world. people are scared to death, even those with good jobs and saving but it is christmas, it is once a year. we are going to end up okay. i was very aggressive if my last projection but i am sticking to those numbers because i think we will not know, it doesn't get reported until january 15, so in the northeast, the weather is looking better, okay? well, the west coast has a lot of rain and there is just snow everywhere, but if they can't get to the stores they will go online and shop. >>neil: but there is in time to get it delivered in essence i spoke to several online retailers if you are online
1:47 pm
until sunday morning you get it by christmas eve. >>neil: i don't believe it. >>guest: did you see ups is staying open all united. >>neil: thank you very much. i hope you are right. >>guest: are you going shopping? >>neil: no. >>guest: have a nice holiday. >>neil: you have been a great help to us. >>guest: if i come back in january and my numbers are right do i get a reward? no. >> and holiday tips for men and women from me. and i want to roll over my old 401(k) into a fidelity a. man: okay, no problem. it's easy to get started; i can help you with the paperwork. um...ts green line just appeared on my floor. yeah, that's fidelity helping you reach your financial goals. could you hold on a second? it's your money. roll over your old 401(k) into a fidelity ira
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and take control of your personal economy. this is going to be helpful. call or come in today. fidelity investments. turn here. ..
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>>neil: the world didn't end. the mayans missed it. now here is the bad news: what
1:51 pm
some you were counting on to get you out of christmas shopping is not happening. so now, you have to christmas shop. fast. now, not a moment too soon...we spare nothing for you. my annual christmas shopping tips for men and women. that's right, this year, because i am so pressed for time with the whole cliff thing and my being busy with the super hero thing, trying to save the country, i have my long overdue shopping tips for all. >> there must be something you want. something you have not told your mother about. come on, now, why don't you give me a chance? >>neil: tip one, forget buying online. it is too late. you are going to have to go to the belly of the beast, yes, the mall.
1:52 pm
tip two do not look for a parking spot. you will not find one. all this nonsense that people are not shopping, it is lies. they are. just walk from your house now, i don't care how far you are, it will be quicker. trust me. and you look stupid stalking the woman with packages who is only going to the car to throw them in the truck but not before she calls police. stop it. you are scaring her. tip three, do not, do not, do not, do not, do not go for sales . stores having sales are even more crowded and ladies, if you are shop this late in the game, you are not entitled to a sale. there is a new set of rules for you and this is something your husband knows there is in time to play that people killing each other to get their hands on the last discounted cake. move on to the store where everything is full priced and no
1:53 pm
one is shopping and yet, remarkably, stays in business. pay up. get out. move on. do not speak to anyone in the check outline. anyone. anyone. especially the customer right behind you, you know the one, usually a woman, sorry, ladies, eyeing that sweater, and reminding you, sir, that same sweater is selling for half the price at a store at the oh end, but she is not getting the viable that you don't want to talk so you respond "i know, lady, but it is at the other end of the mall." and you stop. she will think you are an idiot but guess who is in front of her in line? you. focus on the cashier, the prize, you are almost home. tip five, the kiosks you walk
1:54 pm
buy, don't, they are gold mines. they are never, ever, ever crowded. ever. nothing says santa's workshop says christmas most, when it is covered with sausages. ♪ santa, baby >>neil: don't do different cards, baby. do not. women say they prefer them because their husband or significant others is clueless but what they are really thinking is, would it have killed you to even try and find me something you clueless lazy jerk? i am not done. perfume, men, the different that keeps giving because you get stuck with perfume, purses and scabs and at one store they gave me a traveling case to put the big bottles, the smaller bolts, the scarf and the purse for the price of the perfume.
1:55 pm
amazing. but, ladies the reverse does not hold true for you which brings me to tip 8: ladies, do not buy colony for us. we do not share your sense of personal hygiene or your appreciation for the finer things in life, and, beds, cologne does not come with half the stuff that per final does. skip it. save finding a scent that hints of old cheddar, just get us the cheddar. ♪ it is looking a lot like christmas ♪ ♪ everywhere you go >>neil: tip nine, do not wander. sales people pounce on you, look like you know what you are doing and on a mission even if you do not know what you are doing and the shopping ordeal is a mission. sales people can tell a clueless overwhelmed shopping zombie a mile away, keep them at bay or i
1:56 pm
am telling you, you will end up buying average entire living room set when all you were thinking about was a couple of candle sticks. finally, tip ten: hide that one gift you are counting on do make the personal statement, like the dad in christmas story, he hid the bb gun until the end and you want to make them think that is all they got and, then, boom, you just say, well, what's that there behind the plant, you see that? then, you are now sitting significant other, and almost they forget it's just a yule log but you surprise them which makes up for the fact that again, your predictable tackyness did not surprise, so, there you go, folks, my gift to you. i know it is late in the game but it is never too late to make an impression so make an impression and make it a very
1:57 pm
merry christmas while you are at it. i wish i could spend more time with you but the super hero has more to do. i have an entire country to save. be well, shoppers, be well, and have a very merry christmas. ♪ dreaming of a white christmas just like the ones ♪ ♪ i used to know
1:58 pm
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